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Once upon a time, there was a little girl named after the stars. She loves dancing and jumping like nobody's watching. She kept on exploring the world without being afraid of making mistakes. When she turned one, she started calling herself a "dunster" instead of a dancer. When I finally had the courage to start building my own dream and turn my ideas into reality, I decided to name it after my little "dunster". Every single letter was worth it.

Jesseca Casañare

Founder & CEO of

Our Founder

I am a firm believer in the fact that through an extraordinary drive, ordinary people can bring about great things. The path that I have followed hasn’t always been a conventional one, but it has made me into who I am today, and I wouldn’t change any of it one bit.

Being nearly the last child born of an already considerably sized family introduced me to very unconventional situations from the start. At that size, it truly does take a village, and having the benefit of so many aunts and uncles to help raise me is something that I attribute a happy childhood and great sense of community to.

This sense of community is very much responsible for much of my work ethic. At 16, I started working full-time to support my family. This took the form of a wide array of jobs, from salesman to even painting props for local theatre shows. I traded these jobs up until I arrived at working in the tech industry. A fire was lit, and I have been working in the industry ever since, coming up on 15 years.

I am most certainly a proud product of my environment. Island life and the joys within it make up a large part of who I am. Surfing, swimming, skateboarding, and swimming are all things I love doing when I am not furthering my career at—as always, spending time with my family and my two-year-old daughter is of the utmost importance.

An elevated work ethic and drive are not the only things responsible for the founding of The birth of my daughter and the inspiration that she brings me, my little “Dunster,” brought me a long way. However, extraordinary circumstances are also to blame. What started as a SaaS passion project quickly changed with the arrival of a global pandemic, displacing over a billion people around the world from their jobs and into the world of entrepreneurship.

These circumstances stoked the fire yet again, and the course was changed to a platform to help these new entrepreneurs establish and maintain their businesses with ease. Of course, we had to act fast and aim big but taking huge risks and following through on those big ideas is a huge passion of mine.

Our Company

Ordinary people with extraordinary drive. It is what we attribute our success to, and ironically enough, it is how we describe our ideal client. When we set out to make Dunster Cloud, we started with a straightforward SaaS project aiming to help make the industry a little easier. Nobody could have predicted what happened next as billions of people around the world were displaced from their jobs all at once.

We had to act fast, and in June 2020, we restructured into its current form as a platform for entrepreneurs and dreamers alike. A place for entrepreneurs to thrive in an increasingly digital, self-employed space. We had reached over 100k email marketing subscribers within a month, proving that people needed this service. And so on we went. In August of the same year, we won the Pioneer competition, which was a great honor, and kept growing exponentially.

We’re not interested in simply helping entrepreneurs start a company, but we aim for businesses that use to thrive. This all begins at the foundation level of an LLC or Corporation. A substantial house without a strong foundation will not stand, and our goal is to make sure that yours is as strong as possible. We accomplish this through a thorough formation process where no step is overlooked while getting customers started.

Another great passion for us is ensuring that women have a space to thrive in the digital entrepreneur space. In 2020 we've won the Pioneer Startup Tournament, a fully-remote accelerator program, and sponsored the Fast Pitch Competition for the Women’s Founders Network, where women-led businesses were given an environment to pitch and strengthen their growing companies. Not only that, but the competition provided coaching and scholarships the help hone their pitches so that it sharpens their plans to scale their companies and make them more attractive to Angel and VC investors. Our goal from the beginning has always been to see that those less represented have the tools to thrive in this expansive new digital space.

This was all powered by our dreams, and we think that all dreams are worth fighting for. What’s stopping you from building your own?

Meet our team

We are ordinary people with extraordinary drive to make the world a better place for entrepreneurs and dreamers alike.

Founder & CEO
Jesseca Casañare
Founder & CTO
Rahul Lakhanpal
Patricia Higgins
Riley Park
Ava Gregoraci
Olivia Arribas

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